Comic Market Alert!

Phase 4 is yielding a ton of new keys and gems!

The MCU phase 4 has only just been announced and the comic market is still reeling from the impact it has created. If you haven’t done so already check out my Marvel Phase 4 Comic Market Watch to get more information on the best issues to currently invest in.

And now there’s more. Even with a filled up Top 25 there were still issues I forgot to mention. To be honest I was still so excited for the Phase 4 news that many issues completely escaped me.

This was a comic that should have been alerted back when Thor: Ragnarok came out but it made no waves cause both the character and Tessa Thompson hadn’t established themselves. But now she’s become a solid fan favorite and the comics related have already started rising.

First Appearance of Valkyrie. Which is it?

Two comics are blowing up in connection to our noble warrior. Defenders #4 & Avengers #83. Let’s examine each!

Defenders (1972) #4

A curious thing happens in the comics market. Sometimes the excitement gets the collector so flushed that the blood rushes to one’s head and causes it to explode. It’s a fact, I’ve seen it happen. One has to take 3 deep breaths while holding a silver age Amazing Spider-Man in order to counteract the pressure effects that lead to cranial destabilization.

The beauty of these phases are the debates they create as collectors argue which is the real first appearance of any and every character. It’s fun and at times stimulating but there is always a final say and never an in between.

By referring the internet references (Marvel wiki Fandom, ComicsPriceGuide, or Marvel are my main go-tos. There are others just Google), we see that there is pretty much universal agreement as to which is her first appearance.

Strangely enough (and to the benefit of the collector), the comic is being overlooked. Though copies are scarce the price is still reasonable for affordable copies ($30-$50 for VG-VF and even for VF-NM!). I was able to score a 7.0 for $28!

Fair warning these prices won’t last long as more people discover their error.

Avengers (1963) #83

And by error I mean mistaking Avengers 83 for Valkyrie’s first appearance. It’s easy to commit considering the cover has the character and is a classic feminist cover. People also get confused because Avengers #83 was published in December 1970 and Defenders #4 was published almost three years later in 1973. Problem is if you read the issue you will see why it’s not really her first issue. SPOILER ALERT!

As you can see/read, it’s actually Enchantress in disguise so that cancels out the actual first appearance. Many may want to argue to their graves but we’ve seen other characters get their first appearance changed or have random no name character become a major key from an origin redo. Either way if you mistakenly grab the 83, don’t feel bad cause prices are up there as comic collectors put their issues up without reading them, in a bid to drive up the price.

Take advantage and flip this comic early. If you sit on it that’s ok because the issue still is the first appearance of The [Lady] Liberators, an all female team up of Black Widow, Valkyrie (actually Enchantress), Wasp, Medusa & Scarlet Witch. The appearance is recognized by all catalogs and CGC. One can imagine Marvel pushing for some kind of female team up especially after the iconic scene in Avengers: Endgame, but don’t be surprised when and if the price flips with Defenders #4.

Do not hesitate to get either of the issues as collectors are scrambling for anything related to Phase 4. Just don’t get complacent cause the Phase is going go by a lot faster than you think.

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