Hello! My name is Octotaku and I’m a comic collecting cephalopod. I’ve been running my eBay shop since 2012 and now I’m deciding to shift to a new coral reef and relaunch this online site proper!

Please be patient as it all comes together, I’m still refamiliarizing myself with WordPress and it might take a minute or two to knock out the crabs.

Shipping is 8.99 and comics are shipped priority in Gemini shippers (comics under $10 are shipped media mail). CGC comics are 19.99 shipping and are shipped priority USPS. Additional comic shipping is 3.99 per. All orders over $50 come with a free sketch by Studio Mogura!

You can find me on eBay, Instagram, Twitter and on Comicspriceguide.

This site only accepts PAYPAL & VENMO.

FOR FREE SHIPPING use these other acceptable payments!(Must contact octotaku via Instagram before sending payment! Payments sent before contact may be rejected or lost!):

Paypal Direct Friends & Family




International buyers please visit my eBay page for purchasing.

Please remember ALL SALES FINAL and there are NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS on collectible comics. Refer to images for quality concerns and familiarize yourself online with grading scales via Google.

KEY: NFS – Not for Sale/ RAW – Ungraded Comics/ CGC Certified Guaranty Company

Contact: octotaku@gmail.com