The Comic Cover Censor Strikes Again!

Tom King, writer for DC Comics, asks to pull the cover for Heroes in Crises #7 

The trend of comic cover censorship had seemingly tapered off but the latest one brings back memories of the wave that recently hit the comics world. This time the DC Comics writer has decided to ixnay an upcoming cover by Clay Mann for the Heroes in Crises series.

Check out the cover and decide for yourself if it warrants a pull.

If you remember this isn’t the first time a cover has been pulled. In recent years there has been a number of covers that have been censored due to “public” backlash. 

I for one think it should have seen the light of day. The world needs controversial covers and even though some push the line of decency and good taste (see The Divided States of Hysteria), others are pushing those lines but still maintaining artistic integrity (see Batgirl).

We’re seeing this move more and more by mainstream publishers and I don’t really know yet whether I like and can agree with it. Fans say they all want rated R, Mature Audiences Only, Dark-version-of, but then seemingly cannot grasp and handle the controversial nature of a cover? Not sure I buy that. And do not even give me the tired “Kids read these comics” excuse. These are often mature storylines and what’s between the pages is at time far worse than what’s on the cover. What’s stranger is the idea that not publishing the image prevents the public from seeing it yet it is released online for it to go viral. 

Here are some other covers that were recently censored.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana-1905)


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