I think it’s awesome when you find a book that you enjoy so much you recommend it to a friend and he/she recommends it to someone else and so on. When it spreads, that’s when the enjoyment turns into an investment. These are the kinds of books I enjoy and Garth Ennis’ The Boys (2006), is a perfect example of one. My buddy Tuna put me on to it earlier this year, and I’ve been reading the story in trade and wow, what an amazing read.

Now some of you may be familiar with this book and don’t need me to tell you how awesome it is. If you fall into this category, let’s geek out together while we introduce it those who have yet to experience it. The Boys (or Boys) is a Modern Age comic about a group of individuals who are tasked to keep tabs on Superheroes or “Supes” as they are referred to. “The Supes” run wild and have no regard for the aftermath left behind by their battles. Apathetic to the law, they take advantage of normal people and have very little care of human life. The story ranges from gorey to humorous to down right X-rated, so this is not a comic for all ages.

When I found out that Amazon was turning it to a show, I could not be happier as I feel they have the right platform for such a story. The writer, Garth Ennis, is no stranger to the tv screen. He is the man behind AMC’s Preacher, and Amazon has a great opportunity to break into that sweet original content market that Netflix has cornered.

The investment opportunity is ripe for the picking. Raw high grade copies of issue #1, published by Jim Lee’s then Wildstorm Productions in 2006 can be found from $30 to $45, and should you decide to get them slabbed (professionally graded), 9.8 graded copies have been selling from $150 to $199 and sellers are starting to increase in price. In those cases, make an offer of $130 to $150- see if they bite.

*Keep in mind: Issue #1 is an all black cover which makes a 9.8 raw hard to find. Purchase responsibly and don’t be afraid to ask the shop for close ups of the comic or high resolution pics!

Pick up the trades, read the books. Issue #1 is of course your target investment, however, that issue only introduces a small number of the main characters (check out issues #2, #3, #49, & #72), and look into the Herogasm short story arch.

Which issues of The Boys (2006) do you think besides the 1st appearances are keys likely make it to the show?

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