Punisher Season 2 Premiere set for January

Greetings again comic cadets! Who here from Friends in Square Places with some more comic/MCU related news! Today has been an avalanche of news from the mothership so let’s not waste any time!

According to Marvel.com, Punisher Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix. With the recent cancellation of most of the Defenders, fans are not only hoping Punisher survives the chop but also to get a glimpse at any footage. According to the Marvel press, we will be getting a full trailer soon and that is sure to effect the comic market.

Even Jon Bernthal is giving us a taste of things to come!

Let the speculation begin as to which villians and new characters will enter the MCU!

Reality Check

Chances are Punisher isn’t surviving and neither is Jessica Jones from getting the chop. I have to imagine Marvel TV is brewing up something with these characters for the big move to the new Disney streaming platform or dare I say, Hulu? Only time & Hollywood insiders will tell!

Me going to the grocery store in Miami…

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