Millennium Age

The Millennium Age of comics is the period after the Modern Age defined by the resurgence of the comic industry related to the rise in superhero related franchise films and television shows. The end of the Modern Age began after the creation of Marvel Studios in 2006 but was not official until after 2012 with the studio’s first billion dollar film The Avengers. Soon after its release comic collecting was reinvigorated with a wave of new comic artists, writers and independent publishers. Numerous high profile titles also ended their runs and relaunched included Amazing Spider-Man in 2014 and the DC Universe Rebirth in 2016. The Millennium Age is Also defined with Image Comics rising to a level of prominence near equal to the Big Two (Marvel & DC) who all have successfully optioned and produced numerous properties for film & television. This coupled with the rise of social media sites, online distribution platforms and auction sites created something of a collectors arms race re-energizing the collectors and comic publishing market. Many speculate it is similar to the 90’s copper age bubble but the difference of availability in streaming platforms, the elevation of Visual Effects, and explosion in demand for new media properties gives the Millennium Age a more solid foundation than the Copper Age which had fewer successful properties to attach itself to.

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