Marvel Phase 4 Predictions

Which films will Marvel announce for the upcoming phase 4

Greetings MCU fans, Who here from Friends in Square Places, with a special article dedicated to Marvel Phase 4 speculations! We will dig kinda deep into the suggestion box and create a plan of attack just like if GODFeige was speaking to us in a beam of holy light.

First things first let’s lay out what we know: Some time ago the Marvel Gods layed flags down for unittled Marvel films and with the latest news of upcomining sequels when can begin to write in the holes. According to the IMDBpro computers the layout looks like this:

Captain Marvel (March 2019)

Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

Spider-Man: Far from Home (July 2019)


Falcon & The Winter Soldier TV Series (2019)

Unittled Marvel Project (2020)

Untitled Marvel Project (2020)

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (2020)

Untitled Marvel Film (2021)

Untitled Marvel TV Show (2021)

Loki TV Series (2021)

The Eternals


Doctor Strange 2

Black Widow

Black Panther 2

Surprisingly enough it looks like things are already pretty packed for the next couple of years but now that Marvel has given the world the biggest movie it’s ever seen as well as gotten back two major properties in X-men & Fantastic Four, the door has opened for an infinite amount of projects and possibilities. Phase 1 & 2 were only six films but Phase 3 upped the game to 10 films. With more money, more demand and more properties to work with i wouldn’t doubt it be bumped up to 15 (dare I say 20!). There are lots of platforms that need to be filled so it’s not a stretch to think executives will call on GODFeige to increase the amount of greenlit projects even at the risk of dilution. You’re looking at shows on ABC Network, shows on Disney+, shows on Hulu, and films in the theaters and on streaming, it’s dizzying to imagine!

In this dogs opinion I doubt Marvel will wait 5 years to give us another Doctor Strange or Black Panther. I think they will fast track the Black Widow Picture as it’s been in demand for sometime. I can see Shang-Chi (Master of Kung-Fu) becoming the “Captain Marvel” of Phase 4 but lets be real we’re hoping phase 4 will be all about the 4 as in Fantastic Four and about reintroducing the X-Men into the MCU either through a TV Series or film.

Another huge question is what will they do with Guardians of the Galaxy? Guardians Vol 3 is still listed on Marvel Studio’s imdbpro page which you would figure they would have axed it but as i’ve speculated they are keeping the script that Gunn wrote. They’ll pull an Edgar Wright and push it into production if they can get all the actors on board. For not lets just imagine they do.

Another assumption is that there will be an Avengers film somewhere in there plus the third part in the Spider-Man trilogy topped with a sequel to Captain Marvel. Since Black Widow is labeled as in “Pre-Production” let’s place it as the first film of phase 4 and Doctor Strange 2 will take the second spot in 2020 as it’s director Scott Derrickson has recently agreed to sign on again. Imagine Guardians keeps it’s summer release spot followed by the Black Panther sequel.

Black Widow (March 2020)

Doctor Strange 2 (May 2020)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (July 2020)

Black Panther 2 (March 2021)

Captain Marvel 2 (May 2021)

Spider-Man 3 (July 2021)

Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu (March 2022)

Avengers 5 (May 2022)

The Eternals (July 2022)

With this simple layout we can see that well there really isn’t much room for an Xmen or a Fantastic Four film! MCU pics take a minimum of two years to complete from Pre-Production to Release and even then the films have still been hashed out for sometime. So this begs the question, could it be possible that Marvel/Disney might consider not releasing X-Men and Fantastic Four in theaters? Or will they fill in the Winter holiday slots typically reserved for Star Wars with more Marvel films? 

More Possibilities:

The following are just ideas brewing in my head of what Marvel/Disney may be planning for those 2020 TV spots still open that aren’t Scarlet Witch and everything in between:

Pre-Wolverine X-Men: One thing I’m a firm believer is that Marvel/Disney is not happy with what Fox has done to and with their X-Men characters and they will want something completely different than the Fox version that heavily relied on Wolverine. It took away from getting to like any of the other character let alone getting to know them. I predict their X-men whether in film or TV will start off without Wolverine and resemble the original team.

Wolverine Series: Many still think Disney cannot give you an R rated/Mature show even though they just saw the Netflix Defenders give them plenty of that. You know Disney had to sign off on that. And their films imo are violent enough. There is a gorebase that need satisfying and I predict rather than let the money maker gather dust or stick him in Xmen right away they will start him off slow following his storyline to the claw in a Netflix style series that will air on their streaming or on Hulu eventually crossing with their X-men property further down the line.

Fantastic Four series: F4 has failed at the box office multiple times in different styles and though Marvel Studios has never had a crack at it I can see them taking them and making it a family style ABC show. Maybe even something to balance out Agents of SHIELD and replace the failed Inhumans. This way it’s not as big a risk as it would be if released in theaters. 

Champions series or film: Thor is done but Marvel mythology isn’t. Marvel will be looking to expand further and bring in more gods and classic heroes, eventually introducing us to Hercules and the Champions. Black Widow getting her own film series might open the door for this too.

Ghost Rider series or film – We caught a glimpse of the demon rider in AoS and we are all still waiting on something to be done with this character. Could we finally get him on track with a Grindhouse motorcycle style show?

Agents of SHIELD film: Bravo again to the SHIELD crew. They’ve kept it running this long and every year keep us wanting more.Even though talk of their demise is always rampant they seem to find a way to make it through unsacthed which is deserved and great for fans. I hate to think of the end but if that ever comes (or never comes!) could it be time for Agents of SHIELD to hit the big screen? I think so!

Return of The Defenders: Reports of this show not being revived all focused on the wrong thing. Sure Disney can’t revive the shows for 2 years, but it’s two years. It was January yesterday! Tomorrow it’s going to be January and it’s still December! Point is, time flies and before you know it Defenders are back.

Rocket Racoon and Howard the Duck Detective film featuring Deadpool: Seriously this one is a no brainer.

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