Doctor Strange 2 News

Greetings & salutations comic cadets Who from Friends in Square Places here with a bit of MCU news that will effect the comic market! According to the Hollywood Reporter, El Conductor Scott Derrickson has officially signed on for Doctor Strange 2. Standing ovation for the man who brought us The Master of the Mystic Arts and tip of the cap to Marvel for sticking with the right guy. I’m still steamed at them for the Gunn situation and I’m glad they stuck with Derrickson even though he’s been in it with critics online.

Now we speculate! Marvel still hasn’t found a writer apparently but I am anticipating Derrickson to write considering he’s not working on the Snowpiercer TV show anymore. This DAWG thinks Derrickson should look to Gunn’s scenario and do everything he can to put his fingerprints all over the franchise especially by writing it. Notice how Guardians has all but disappeared even with Part 3 screenplay completed. Marvel is pulling a ego standoff to their own demise if they don’t at least consider using the script for Phase 4, all to prove a point that everyone knows they are wrong on. If Derrickson wants to continue being a voice dare I say he should set pieces in play to ensure Marvel think twice if they ever feel irked by one of his comments? You know, just in case better to be safe than sorry watch your back man.

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