A new year and new beginning for the watch, and maybe a new direction.

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Greetings comic cadets! Who and Ted here for the very first Comic Market Watch of the new year!  Before diving into 2019, let’s review a few of my New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Shed those extra comic pounds: Look, nobody likes a hoarder. Free up some space and get rid of those comics you’ve got collecting dust that belong in the dollar bin. Donate them to your local library, throw them up on ebay as Pay Only Shipping+$1, or just hand them out to random people in the street!

2. Give credit where credit’s due: Admittedly it’s so hard to keep track of all the artists and writers creating comics now a days and since I’m already bad with names it’s a bit difficult for me. So this year I vow to learn about a new artist and writer every month!

3. Find a grail: I spend a lot of bucks on the smaller issues and mid-priced keys while the holy grails always seem out of reach. No  more. This year I am determined to add at least one top tier grail to my collection. Either a first appearance of Wolverine, A big time #1 or a Stan Lee signed key!

Back to the watch.

In the time that I began drafting this watch just a few days ago, the entire market has changed so radically that I’ve decided to scrap my original Top 10 but keep the original article as it still covers comics that have percolated in the month of January. Not only did the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer drop but it also big speculation news involving both DC & Marvel.

Folks, we’ve come to pivot point. A possible change in direction. A spork in the road so to speak. I myself have never been “into” DC Comics as Marvel has always been my bread and butter since I rescued my fathers ASM collection from the attic. I always had a spot in the back for DC dedicated to some Batman and a few key characters and stories. I loved the animated series growing up and I always liked collecting DC covers, but in the recent years I never felt inclined to collect them like I do Marvel back issues.

In the six years that I started recollecting I found that that I got more value out of Marvel than DC for the obvious reason of the success of the MCU. But now we may be finally seeing DC/WB turn a corner after the success of Aquaman. Rumors of DC/WB next slate of films have it pointing toward a new direction, and reports say they’ve started development of a Blue Beetle film that may feature Booster Gold.

Now unless your pockets are deep, there is probably no way you’ll get your hands of Blue Beetle’s true first appearance, the 1939 comic of Mystery Men #1. The golden age comic sells for well over 1k for low grade and rarely comes up for sale.

Courtesy of ComicConnect

You’d think you’d be better off going for the Charlton silver Age Blue Beetle #1 but that book as well might be out of reach for it has seen a steady uptick in value over the last few years.

Not to be confused with the 1977 Modern reprint

Luckily the new Blue Beetle looks to be a Modern take on the character focusing on the Latino version introduced in the Infinite Crisis series in 2006. It will be the first Latino superhero character to get their own film franchise so this will be a hot comic once more news about the film’s development gets out.

First appearance of Jaime Reyes

Scoop up Infinite Crisis #3 (2006) which is the first appearance of Jaime Reyes and #5 which is his first appearance as Blue Beetle. Online retailers are already hip to the word so you might have trouble finding it below $20 but you could get lucky in an auction or even searching those dollar bins as shops may have missed moving the comic to the key shelves.

First Appearance of Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle

Booster Gold on the other hand, made his first appearance in his self titled Copper Age solo series Booster Gold #1. The comic was an under $10 for many years but as of recently prices find a VF floating around +$30.

Once DC/WB shifted the formula from dark and Nolan to a more wider audience tone that has made Marvel Studios a powerhouse, more options have opened up for collectors and lesser characters will all see a rise in value. Demand will be high so don’t hesitate to pay over $20 just make sure you are getting at least a Fine+, although there should be a lot of availability of this comic since it’s sat in the back of the bin and now it’s just getting hot.


Alright let’s talk Marvel! There is so much to digest. With the new Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer everything is now in disarray but we’ll try to maintain altitude here. Marvelites, we are truly blessed. Many have denounced the Fox deal because of the monopolization Disney has on Hollywood and yes that may be bad for the little guy but I’d rather focus on the importance and the impact it will have on Marvel. With X-Men and F4 back where they belong you can bet a tidal wave of new shows and franchises that will not only stretch the MCU for years and generations to come but also influence the value of the comic market as well as helping sustain it. There is a balance that was missing during the 90’s so take advantage of these golden times collectors.

The new Disney+ streaming platform is already making waves granting $100 million dollar budgets to numerous MCU beloved. Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Loki, and even Lady Sif will all have their own shows with powerhouse names attached to write. They are looking to show Marvel TV (and Netflix & HBO) how it’s done and I wonder what will come of shows like Agents of SHIELD that struggle every year to get more money but do amazing work with the “small” budgets they are given.

These shows will certainly resurrect many books we’ve sought for previously when the characters were first introduced. Falcon’s first appearance has slightly cooled down and is a respectable price so the time is now to pick up a copy before the show heats up.

As far as the Scarlet Witch & Vision goes, the first appearance of Scarlet Witch may be beyond your budget (X-men #4 (1964) typically sells for over $200 in low grade) but strangely enough the first appearance of Vision has found itself back in an affordable place.

After the rollercoaster ride that was Age of Ultron, the book has fallen back down to earth where good copies can be snatched at affordable prices. Typical VG’s sell for over $100 and I’ve noticed some slip by for under $90 and even under $75!

Even detached covers fetch buyer. Courtesy of Ebay.

Don’t expect those prices to last as Avengers #57 is one of the most coveted books in collecting so if you see a VG+ for under $100 pull the trigger. You won’t regret it as it always resells well even to shops and when the series hits the streaming waves the comic is sure to reach new heights.

If #57 slips past your reach scoop a copy of the first solo series of the pair released back in 1982 titled “Vision and the Scarlet Witch. It’s a super cheap buy and a low risk pick up that might see some value uptick especially if the series hints at it in anyway.


Avengers #43 (1967) – First appearance of Red Guardian – As phase 4 approaches more news of the Black Widow solo film has revealed two possibilities for her on screen antagonist. One is Red Guardian, who first appeared in the Silver Age comic Avengers #43. I’d bet my money on this one with the focus of the film being Natasha’s past before joining SHIELD.

Avengers #196 (1980) – First appearance of Taskmaster. I’ve been hawking everyone to load up on this book because it was an assumption that Taskmaster would assume the role “the MCU Deadpool” but this was before the mouse took the fox. Just the buzz is gonna make this book shift up and if he is set as the onscreen villain, it will really heat up. And if not, well, you still score a pretty solid first appearance that has future potential.


10. Young Avengers #6 (2005)

9. Infinity Gauntlet #4 (1991)

8. Champions #1 (1975)

7. Amazing Spider-Man #212 (1981)

6. Booster Gold #1 (1986)

5. Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973)

4. Thor #617 (2011)

3. Deadly Class #1 (2014)

2. Supernatural Thrillers #8 (1974)

1- Avengers #48 (1968)  Was $140  Now $489 (NM)

Value changes courtesy of Comics Price Guide. Watchlist consists of comics Who Dog is watching or has purchased. Who Dog is not responsible for your bad comic collecting habits. Collect with Care. All drawings property of Studio Mogura and unauthorized use is prohibited.

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