There is no time to delay with pleasantries folks, the market waits for no one. Marvel announced Phase 4 at San Diego Comic Con tonight/last night and the planet has been knocked off its axis. Fans across the globe are searching for paper bags to hyperventilate into but we have to hold strong and remain consciouss otherwise you will miss you chance to collect some major key issues!

Lets begins with the time line! Here it is folks! For the first time things are very different. We are beginning a new saga as the Infinity Saga has now completed. This means there is no Avengers film slated to close the phase (as of yet), and because Disney is set to introduce their new streaming platform and Netflix killer Disney+, Phase 4 will be two tiers- film releases and streaming releases.

Phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU4):

Black Widow May 1, 2020

Eternals November 6, 2020

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings February 12, 2021

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness May 7, 2021

Thor: Love & Thunder November 5, 2021

Blade TBD

Phase 4 Marvel Streaming Universe (MSU):

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Fall 2020

WandaVision Spring 2021

Loki Spring 2021

What if? Summer 2021

Hawkeye Fall 2021

Wow. Just wow. SO much to say so much to review but lets stick to the facts. We came close with out Phase 4 predictions but still Marvel finds a way to surprise.

For now we shall focus on the films only. They have proven to have more impact than TV adapatations and we will wait to see if the streaming services can raise any comic values.

Black Widow May 1, 2020

First appearance: Tales of Suspense #52

Grab Potential: Low

Price Value: High

Black widow finally gets her own film and word is the footage shown is some of the best fighting yet and will take on a Winter Soldier vibe as is it set after Civil War with Stranger Things alum David Harbour set to co-star as Red Guardian. With Taskmaster announced as the main villain, it confirms what many have been speculating,

Hottest comic: Avengers #196 is pricing between $70-$165 VF/NM

Best Play: Avengers #43 is floating above $30 for a VG

Eternals November 6, 2020

First appearance: Eternals #1

Grab Potential: Medium

Price Value: Medium to High

Eternals number one has been a pleasant surprise. I’m guessing the Kirby attachment and low print run has boosted the comic once word was announced of their entrance into the MCU. Personally I was a bit skeptical because of what happened to Inhumans but now that they’ve revealed a power house cast of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani among others, not only is their first appearance quickly becoming a major key but also the comic connections will hinge on each individual characters appearance.

Hottest comic: Eternals #1 Low availability with VF/NM going for $120- $200+

Best Play: Eternals #5 Eternals #5 1st apps of Domo, Makkari, Thena, Zuras!

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings February 12, 2021

First appearance: Special Marvel Edition #15

Grab Potential: Low

Price Value: High

We told you that Marvel Special Edition #15 was going to be a major play in Phase 4 and God Feige didn’t let us down. With Chinese-Canadian Actor Simu Liu set to play the title role this film is sure to take action and fight choreography to the next level.

Hottest Comic: Special Marvel Edition #15 A CGC 6.0 sold for $275

Best Play: Wait for more cast to be announced on this one. Focus on getting the SME 15 but also look out for Mandarin’s first appearance in
Tales of Suspense #50. This comic can fetch up to $1000+ but I’ve seen some slips through the crack for $100+!

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness May 7, 2021

First appearance: Strange Tales #110

Grab Potential: Very Low

Price Value: Very High

It’s no surprise that Doctor Strange is getting a sequel as Scott Derrickson officially signed on to write and direct again at the beginning of this year. What is a surprise is not only the title but also the announcement it will be the first Marvel horror film and equally exciting is the news that Elizabeth Olsen’s character Scarlet Witch will be joining the cast. This is film has the potential for many things including being the best film of phase 4.

Hottest Comic: Strange Tales #110 is one of many Silver Keys and normally I’d shy away toward something more attainable but there are already whispers of which villians Strange would face and Nightmare who first appears in this issue.

Best Play: Try for Marvel Premiere #5 first appearance of Shuma Gorath, the ancient inter-dimensional space alien and villian to Dr. Strange. If we are talking horror and talking multiverse, then we are talking Shuma Gorath. Prices are still under $30 for VG+!

Thor: Love & Thunder November 5, 2021

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83

Grab Potential: Very Low

Price Value: Holy Grail

Many things surprised fans when this announcement was made including the fact that Thor was going to be the first character to get a 4th solo film. We had all assumed Marvel was doing 3 and out but things became clearer during the SDCC show when Natalie Portman came out and lifted
Mjolnir right before our very eyes. The moment she did this the comic market went haywire with every issue tied to Jane Foster lifting becoming through going nuclear.

What if #10 wents from a $20 comic to +$75 overnight and the Thor #1 (2014) First Appearance of female Thor went from a $4 comic to listings above $80. CGC 9.8 are set to cross the $300 mark and possibly reach $500 by months end. When this film comes out we can see Thor #1 (2014) which was hated by agro male fans because one of the hottest and most expensive comics of Phase 4. Sweet justice wields a hammer and it named Natalie!

Hottest Comic: I thought What If #10 was the hot play but Thor #1 (2014) is the must grab.

Best Play: While everyone kills their first born for those two comics don’t sleep on Thor #08 (2014) which is the first time the new female Thor revels she is Jane Foster. This book is still under $15 and CGC 9.8 at under $200. Get this before people start to float to it cause they can’t get the others.

Blade TBD

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula #10 (1973)

Grab Potential: Very Low

Price Value: Bronze Grail

The shock of the evening wasn’t the fact that Marvel was even announcing phase 4 or that GoD Feige chriped that the unmentioned sequals to Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy and all the other films we expected to heart about were also in production but that Marvel is going to bring us Fantastic Four and X-men! I know, nothing new but hearing it from the mouth of the maker is very exciting!

Hottest Book: ToD #10 Blade’s first appearance right now is the hottest book simply because there his characters is the only one cast.

Best Play: I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve but you’ll have to check out my Comic Market Watch for Marvel Phase 4 that will be a complete study into which comics are sure to drive up the market!

Tune back later for my market evaluation of the Marvel Streaming Universe (MSU)!

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