Greetings Comic Cadets! Who here from Friends in Square Places with another Comic Market Alert! 

With the box office being strung up by the spectacular web slingers, it’s no surprise that comics with characters appearing and related to Sony’s new film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an animated adaptation of the Marvel Comics story line, are seeing an uptick in value. One in pigticular might get you on the auction sites once you see how its performing.

Marvel Tails #1 (1983) the first appearance of The Spectacular Spider-Ham has been seeing radical fluctuation in that last couple of months now that the character popped up in the film. If the heat keeps going up on the character, you might want to look into scooping a copy in anticipation of a solo animated series or even film (Emoji’s got a film, you don’t think Spider-Ham can get a film?).

VF are going between $40-$80 with NM copies blasting past $100 raw! CGC NM’s are even reaching $500+. A possible low print run may also make this comic a tough buy. Put this on your watchlist today!

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